Max Tau

This isn't my day job. 



Heineken International

PVH Corp

Capgemini (FR/NL/US)



I'm Max Tau. Born American-Dutch, 31 years ago. I have a real passion for people, their experiences, successes, struggles and potential. Six years with a global management & technology consulting firm gave me plenty of opportunity to learn from, and be a coach to, a wide range of people. 

In 2012, as Practice Resource Manager for a group of over 200 awesome individuals. Part of my responsibilities included ensuring that when an assignment ended for one of our consultants, that (s)he could find their next challenge quickly. 

An incredible role for a 24 year old, a great way to sharpen my Dutch and get to know so many great people. 

Then I started reviewing the CVs. From obvious typos to self shot photographs. LinkedIn profiles that were set up and never once touched. My task was going to be much larger than I had initially anticipated. 

I am a passionate creative. From being a classically trained, hip hop & electronica performing musician to cooking as often as possible for my wife and friends. In addition to music and food (the best combination), I love to take photographs. 

This is where the side gig started. Taking CV and LinkedIn photos for my colleagues. It was truly wonderful interacting with such a wide range of individuals. From alpha male, to beta female, to gamma somewhere in between. This hobby has followed me on consulting assignments in the US, Scandinavia, UK, India and remained after leaving consulting for my current position at PVH Europe (Tommy Hilfiger/Calvin Klein parent company).

Over the 4 years I have photographed more than 200 of my colleagues and friends. This has helped me develop my photographic skills as well as my people skills to make the process fun and authentic.